• Access

    Hallinnollinen maksu: 12,00 €
  • Office Standard

    Please note that all Office 2019 suites and individual applications, including Visio and Project,
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 34,00 €
  • Project Standard

    Hallinnollinen maksu: 50,00 €
  • SharePoint Server

    SharePoint Server is a server platform for information sharing, collaboration, and content
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 584,00 €
  • SQL Server Standard Edition, Server/CAL Licensing

    SQL Server Standard Edition with server/CAL licensing is relational database server software
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 70,00 €
  • Visio Standard

    Hallinnollinen maksu: 23,00 €
  • Visual Studio Professional with MSDN

    Visual Studio Professional is an integrated development environment (IDE) for individual developers
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 59,00 €
  • Windows OS Upgrade

    Windows is Microsoft's desktop operating system
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 17,00 €
  • Windows Server Essentials

    Windows Server Essentials is an edition of the Windows Server operating system designed for small
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 39,00 €
  • Windows Server Standard

    Windows Server Standard is a server operating system that enables a computer to handle network roles
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 10,00 €
  • Windows Pro OS – Get Genuine

    The Microsoft Get Genuine Windows Agreement for Small and Medium Organizations offers full Windows
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 10,00 €
  • Exchange Server Standard Edition

    Exchange Server is email and personal information management software that runs on Windows Server
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 61,00 €
  • Exchange Server User CAL – Standard

    An Exchange Server Standard user client access license (CAL) authorizes one user to access Exchange
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 8,00 €
  • Office for Mac

    Office for Mac is a suite of Microsoft Office products for Mac computers
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 34,00 €
  • SharePoint Server Device CAL – Standard

    A SharePoint Server Standard device client access license (CAL) authorizes one computer or other
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 8,00 €
  • SharePoint Server User CAL – Standard

    A SharePoint Server Standard user client access license (CAL) authorizes a user to access SharePoint
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 10,00 €
  • SQL Server Device CAL

    A SQL Server device client access license (CAL) authorizes one computer to access SQL Server when
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 16,00 €
  • SQL Server User CAL

    A SQL Server user client access license (CAL) authorizes one user to access SQL Server from any
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 16,00 €
  • Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN

    Visual Studio Test Professional is an integrated testing toolset for individual developers and teams
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 134,00 €
  • Windows Server Device CAL

    Windows Server is Microsoft's solution for workgroup file, print, and communication servers, as well
    Hallinnollinen maksu: 3,00 €
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